Drinks & Beverages

Malta is famed for locally-made alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, particularly wine and beer. Maltese people have been producing wine and brewing beer for centuries. During the 1920s, Malta witnessed the introduction of various companies established primarily to produce such Maltese drinks.

Current selections of local wine and local beer have achieved prestigious International Awards. Such accolades endorse the genuine Maltese product, setting a stage for International finesse.

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Apart from wine and beer, Malta is also famous for its own liqueurs such as Lumicetta ta’ Mari (a lemon infused liqueur), Bajtrija (made with the juicy part of prickly pears) and Hanini Digestiv (an after-dinner liqueur made with carobs, caramel and aromatic herbs). They are considered as innovative and unique products, contributing to the high standards of local craft.

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