Maltese Liqueurs & Aperititves

Apart from wine and beer, Malta is also famous for its unique and tasting liqueurs (and liquors) like the Lumincetta ta’ Mari and Leila Liqueurs.

Liqueurs have been more recently introduced to consumers in Malta and Gozo and are considered to be a local craft apart from being innovative and unique products.

read more..During the times of the Knights of St John of Jerusalem in Malta, even as early as the 17th century, various concotions were already widespread. “Mead”, as it was called in those days, was used not only for the frolicking of the Knights but it was also prescribed to their patients in their Sacred Infirmary. Savina’s Liqueurs and Spirits aim to revive traditional folk recipes long forgotten. With the fermentation
and infusion of Mediterranean fruits and herbs, the Savina range offers the finest blends of spirits to suit all palates. Try the zesty citrus drinks, refreshing aperitifs, after-dinner digestifs or depth & subtlety of versatile cocktail ingredients – for every season, every occasion & every hour of the day, Maltese Liqueurs can offer you a truly remarkable alcoholic experience.

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