Antipasti are bits and bites normally served before meals, to awaken your taste buds, or as an accompaniment to drinks, originating from the notion of getting drunk on an empty stomach!

Antipasti may be served warm or cold and often consist of dips, spreads, pickled or preserved vegetables, cured meats and fish. Nibbled on on their own or in your own original recipes, one thing is for certain – once you start, it’s difficult to stop!

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Try out the Bigilla with galletti – a bean curd spread with water biscuits; crunchy Maltese bread with olive oil and Kunserva (tomato paste); toasted bread with Bruxketta – a tomato-based topping; add sundried tomatoes and capers to a fresh salad; or feast on gbejniet (cheeselets) with olives for a finger licking recipe.

Being just two or twenty-two, antipasti are a sure way to one’s stomach!

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