Maltese Liqueurs & Aperititves

Apart from wine and beer, Malta is also famous for its unique tasting liquor infused with various herbs and fruits indigenous to the Mediterranean basin.

Since the times of the Knights of St John of Jerusalem in Malta, even as early as the 17th century, various concoctions were already widespread. “Mead”, as it was called in those days, was used not only for the frolicking of the Knights but it was also prescribed to their patients in their Sacred Infirmary as cures for various ailments.

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Our range of Savina’s Liqueurs and Spirits aim to revive traditional folk recipes long forgotten. With the fermentation and infusion of Mediterranean fruits and herbs, the Savina range offers the finest blends of spirits to suit all palates.

Try our zesty citrus drinks, refreshing aperitifs, after-dinner digestifs or the depth & subtlety of versatile cocktail ingredients – a good excuse for every occasion, Maltese Liqueurs offer you a truly remarkable alcoholic experience.

Maltese Wine

Malta, although not an obvious destination for a wine tasting holiday, is rapidly becoming one of Europe’s most promising emerging wine regions. While the island’s wine-producing traditions date back more than 2,000 years, recent years have seen a real boom in quality, thanks to the Mediterranean climate, rich soils and the work of local wineries.

The Island’s two indigenous grape varieties are the “Gellewza” (ripe, aromatic, large berried pale red variety) and “Girgentina” (amber-coloured, thick-skinned grapes that are both fragrant and fruity). Both varieties are also blended with other grape varieties, such as Merlot, Syrah, Grenache and Chardonnay grapes, and now boast an array of award-winning IGT and DOK wines.

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