Pickles & Chutneys

Azure skies, blue seas, golden sands, vibrant colours of flowers, fruits, and vegetables are the paint palette of the Mediterranean. Over a thousand years ago the Arabs brought citrus trees to Malta and its neighboring islands. Today, centuries later, Maltese lemons & oranges are still being cultivated and are prized for their scent and flavour. Besides zesty citrus fruits, the Maltese islands offer a large variety of exquisite fresh fruit.

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The hot sun draws out the flavors and scents of a tantalizing array of vitamin-rich fruits. Soft ripe figs, succulent grapes, red watermelons, juicy pomegranate, prickly pears and plump peaches are just but a few of the island’s fruit delights. Savina has a wide range of fruit delicacies, all made with great care and passion, following traditional Mediterranean folk recipes. The Savina range of fruit delicacies includes jams, pickles, preserves, fruits in alcohol, chutneys and dried fruits.

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