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Tikka Bitter



TIKKA BITTER RED is Malta’s own aperitif – 15% vol 75cl e

As an aperitif, Tikka Bitter is an alcoholic beverage ideal to serve before meals to stimulate the appetite and is therefore slightly dry and bitter in taste.

Tikka is a Semitic word meaning ‘little’. This name was chosen for our aperitif because a tot of Tikka Bitter Red brings out a distinctive taste even when mixed with other alcoholic beverages and mixers.

This alcoholic drink is obtained from the infusion of bitter zest and natural essences which is in-keeping with the Maltese palate. With its vibrant red colour, intense aroma & flavour, “Tikka Bitter Red” aims to intrigue and pleasure the senses, to create a truly captivating drinking experience. There’s always a good excuse for a “Tikka” party!

Enjoy Responsibly!


Water, sugar, alcohol, infusion of bitter zest, salt, natural essences, colour: E122, E132
Serve with lemonade as a long drink or on the rocks.


Savina Creations Ltd. The Magro Food Village Xewkija, Gozo-Malta

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