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Cavalliere Brazil Cigarillos

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These are 2 boxes of 20 cigarillos each, hence 40 cigarillos. Cigarillos are 8mm in diameter x100mm long. The dark wrapper form Brazil gives the cigar a slightly sweet undertone. Cigar is 100% tobacco. Item is sealed to preserve its freshness.

Cavalliere Brazil Cigarillos: The Cavalliere range cigars are made from a very high quality blend of tobacco grown in Indonesia, Cameroon and South America. The Brazil wrapper selected for this cigar is dark and reddish brown in colour. It has a special aroma and provides a slightly sweet undertone. This is attributed to the ideal Brazil climate, from where then wrapper originates. The fermentation process also enhances the flavours in the wrapper.  These qualities give the Cavalliere Brazil cigar its particularly strong taste. The tobacco leaves are carefully selected and together with the rich filler mixture, we produce this cigarillo with its unique character for your enjoyment.

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