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Zeppi’s Bajtra Liqueur (Prickly Pear Liqueur)



Typical of the rubble-walled countryside opuntia Ficus-indica, commonly know as the prickly pear, has been introduced from the Americas into the Mediterranean region in the late 15th century. Eventually it found its home in a prolific way in Malta and Gozo First used by the knights for its moisturizing property, the cactus fruit or prickly pear has lent its enticing fragrance and unique flavour to various local delicacies. The fruit is collected between August and September of each year from local farmers. The pulp from the fruit is extracted from the plant which is the typical “plate shaped” leaf, is sieved into vets and fermented with the addition of a yeast species. The results are an exceptional bajtra liqueur.


Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place. Serve chilled or on the rocks.


Marsovin Ltd, Marsa, Malta

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