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Malta Products - Other Food

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Taste of Malta Herbs for Steak with Scoop

Taste of Malta Herbs for Steak with Scoop
Taste of Malta Herbs for Steak with Scoop. This combination of black pepper, marine salt, crushed garlic flakes, oregano and crushed chilli will add a wonderful flavor to your steaks.

Taste of Malta Sea salt Flakes 60g x3 pack

Taste of Malta Sea salt Flakes 60g x3 pack
Taste of Malta Sea salt Flakes x3 pack. Natural, unrefined hand harvested sea salt flakes. These pyramid shaped crystals are created by a natural process using sea water evaporation and have a unique flavor.

Twistees - Cheesy Twistees 50g e

Twistees - Cheesy Twistees 50g e
Twistees, Malta’s No1 snack for over 45 years is baked and contains no artificial additives. A unique product that is appreciated by everyone.

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Other Food Information

Malta Typical FoodMaltese cuisine is the result of a long relationship between the locals and the many foreigners who colonised Malta over the centuries. This marriage of tastes has given Malta a fascinating blend of Mediterranean cooking. The influences are too numerous to list, but many popular Maltese specialities have a Sicilian, a North African and an Eastern Mediterranean origin. Over the centuries, all of these distinct components have been integrated into a uniquely wholesome and flavourful melange.

Maltese BreadTraditional Maltese food is rustic and seasonal which was important before refrigeration era. Families were inventive with the best of the seasonal produce. The housewife would stock up with the seasonal gluts, often preserving or drying produce to make use of them later in the year. Amongst the specialities, one can find the Gbejniet (sheep or goat’s cheese), Tadam Imqadded (sun-ripened tomatoes), Bigilla (thick pate of broad beans with garlic), Kappar (Capers), Dried and fresh beans, the Kapunata (vegetable based - Maltese version of ratatouille) and many others.

Food and Consumables MaltaDeserts and pastries are for those with a sweet tooth including the Helwa tat-Tork (sweet sugary mixture and sesame seeds), Qubbajt - Nougat (contains crushed and whole almonds), Biskuttini and Qaghaq (special Maltese biscuits) and Qaghaq tal-Ghasel (ring-cake filled with a special mixture of honey paste).

This sub-category collects any other food and consumable items which have not been included or which do not fall within the other sub-categories.

Cheeses of Malta - Gozitan Peppered Cheeslets 83g Cheeses of Malta
Gozitan Peppered Cheeslets 83g

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