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The Maltese Clock
The Maltese Clock
Date Added: 05-03-2015
Among the peculiar customs which still exist in Malta, the Quccija may perhaps run first. The Quccija is an elaborate entertainment given by the parents on the first anniversary of their children's birth.
Date Added: 10-01-2013
Festa ta San Martin
In Maltese culture, St Martin's feast is celebrated on the Sunday closest to the 11th November, in the village of Bahrija, where an annual fair and small procession takes place.
Date Added: 13-11-2012
Traditional Maltese Feasts
Traditional Maltese Feasts
Date Added: 21-08-2012
Lent Food in Malta
As in every other major feast in Malta, Lent and Easter has its own traditional sweet or type of food that is savoured exclusively during this time of year.
Date Added: 24-02-2012
The origins of carnival in Malta
For many years, Carnival has completely entrenched itself in Maltese tradition
Date Added: 25-01-2012
Cribs in Malta and Gozo
The first crib known to have been built in Malta dates back to the year 1617 and was exhibited in the Domenican Friars Church in Rabat.
Date Added: 01-11-2011
L-Irwiegel - The Calends
L-Irwiegel - The Calends - derived from the word "riegla" or rule - the rules of the weather!
Date Added: 04-10-2011

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