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Among the peculiar customs which still exist in Malta, the Quccija may perhaps run first.


The Quccija is an elaborate entertainment given by the parents on the first anniversary of their children's birth. Guests consisting of relations and close friends are invited by the parents to their home. When the guests are assembled the child is brought in and if it is a boy he is presented with a basket or tray containing corn, sweet meat, coins, an inkstand, a candle, a rosary, a book, a sword and other toys. If the child is a girl needles, silk ribbons and an egg supply the place of the sword and inkstand.

The choice the baby makes on this occasion is believed, according to Maltese notions, to give a just idea of his future disposition and the profession which the child will follow. If the child chooses corn it is a sign of a liberal character. If the inkstand is picked out it points towards an inclination for trade or the bar (i.e. the profession of a notary or lawyer). If the child takes the book, the rosary or the candle the assumption is that he or she intends to dedicate adult life to the service of the Church.


Nowadays other items are included on the tray or basket such as a stethoscope, a geometry instrument, a calculator and such like. This is meant to include professions such as that of a doctor, an architect, an accountant. If the choice falls on coins, commerce or industry is indicated. The choice of an egg means that the girl will have a house full of furniture and children.

When the baby makes his or her selection, the guests are treated to refreshments and they all drink to the health and future prospects of the small individual in question.


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